Services Provided

A.I.D. of Indiana is an approved Medicaid Waiver Provider through the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services or BDDS. All services outlined below require an approved Medicaid Waiver. There are two types of Waivers in which these services may be obtained through A.I.D. Residential Services; Family Support Waiver (FSW) or Community Integration Habilitation Waiver (CIH). To apply for a waiver or to learn more information about services provided in the state of Indiana through the Waiver Program visit the  DDRS  website.

Residential Habilitation

Residential Habilitation can be provided in a designated waiver home or in the Individual's home based on their needs and living arrangements. Through this service, staff will assist the Individual to gain independent living skills, complete basic daily living tasks, and personal care. All services are individualized based on the person served.

Community Integration (CHIO)

Community Integration is an excellent service used to increase integration of the individual into the community they reside in while teaching independent living skills based on the person served. This services is provided with at a ratio of 1:1 (staff/person served). CHIO is available to Individuals on the CIH Waiver who do not live in our residential services also. 

Wellness Coordination (Tier 1, 2 & 3)

Wellness Coordination is based on the level of care the individual requires. Our nurses are highly trained professionals who oversee the overall healthcare needs of the individuals served through physical assessments, risk plans, monitoring of all flow sheets and medication administration. Wellness Coordination is available to Individuals not in our residential services also.


Transportation services are provided to all non-medical locations in which the individual may need/wish to go. This service cannot be billed for transport to medical appointments though A.I.D. of Indiana will ensure adequate transportation for all medical needs.

Participant Assistant Care

PAC services are home or community based services in which staff assist the individual to learn more independent living skills based on their needs.


Respite services provide a much needed “break” for family and caregivers who are the primary care for the individual served. Respite can occur in your home or in another designated location.

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